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Working at Home… are you ready?

I remember some day in 2004 when I was thinking… What should I study? My first option was Sports because I love sports specially soccer. So when I talked to my dad about it, he told me that he’d support my decision but then he asked me: Where would you work? What are you gonna do when you finish your school? and then he told me, What do you think about computers? I think this is the future and in my opinion you should study something related to computers. So now I’m a Computer Systems Engineer and it was the best decision I took.

Computers. I think that is the future.

I’ve been working in different companies developing software applications and there are many companies that don’t allow working at home because their policies and security and some of them are fine, they have good salaries and benefits, and also very comfortable offices, snacks, coffee, food, drinks, ping-pong and other stuff….

The Advantages.

…But you know, I prefer working at home and here are the reasons why:

  • Flexibility. working remotely you have more control, and can carve out time for doctor’s appointments, attending the school party or meetings, or dropping off and picking up your kids from school.
  •  Commuting. Getting to or from the office is a pain in the neck in big cities were you spend an hour or more in traffic. When working from home, you have this time back to your life and can be invested in the kids, exercise, or preparing a family meal.
  • Clothes rules. Working from home gives you an advantage with the need for so many work-appropriate clothes, so you save money here instead of buying formal clothes. It’s also just nice to be able to spend your day in pijama or shorts when you have your standup meetings.
  •  Saving money. Going everyday at office you spent more money on gas or food, it’s perfect opportunity to save some money staying at home.

The disadvantages.

Remote work has disadvantages also and here are some of them:

  • Isolation. Even if you interact with your co-workers in meetings or just chat groups is not the same sense of working onsite, so you might feel isolated and lonely.
  • Distractions. Working from home requires a different level of self discipline because you don’t have your boss or any other person around you looking at what are you doing all day. You can have a lot of distractions like tv, your family, friends, social networks and then you loose focus on your tasks.
  •  Equipment. In order to work remotely you have to invest in equipment like internet, printer, laptop, chair, headset and others depending on your needs and projects.
  •  Exercise. Sometimes we work more hours at home than in the office and we don’t have enough time for us, so doing personal stuff like going to the gym, go for a walk or run is not in the to do daily list.
  •  Family. Be careful and don’t waste all day at work, you have to spend some time with your family because in my opinion it’s the most important thing in the life, more than work.

What it means to join a remote company?

When we finish our student phase at the University, we dream to find a good job and make money for our future life, buy our own things and be independent.
Probably our first job is in a beautiful and comfortable space in an office, having an 8 hours per day schedule working from Monday to Friday and we have partners to talk each other and become friends in a little time. Sounds great, isn’t it? But what if we found a job where our office is at our own home and we have a flexible schedule, that sound so much better, right?


So, What it means to join a remote company?

This is the question that a lot of people is asking and thinking, in my experience is the best option for companies and employees, because both save money and increase budget.

UV is an excellent company that allows you to work at home and at the office, and this work-life-balance offers a very good opportunity to grow up personally and professionally.

Join us!

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