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Over the last 90 days, we’ve celebrated with 25 graduates who have already been part of successful projects for clients, with more on their way

J. Crew, one of UV’s clients.
GoPro, one of UV’s clients.
Harman, one of UV’s clients.
Converse, one of UV’s clients.
Fender, one of UV’s clients.

What is the UV UniVersity?

We train the next generation of awesome software developers.

Here at ArganoUV, we don’t just do high-quality software development, but we also focus on the future — of both the software development industry and of ArganoUV, of course. And we believe that having a training ground to help strengthen the skillset of developers benefits us all, from the developers and our teams to our clients.

SFCC students. We are ArganoUV!

How does the UV UniVersity work?

  • United Virtualities. We are UV!

    Through both study and work-study at ArganoUV.

    The heart of our educational strategy is the synthesis of study & practice. While learning the key concepts of software development and professionality from the ground up, students not only study, but they get test projects and real-world training.

SFCC students. We are ArganoUV!

What technologies do you use?

  • United Virtualities. We are UV!

    Javascript and the tech behind SF Commerce Cloud.

    We train our students in all the technologies needed to the modern web and app development stack. The core of these is Javascript since, of course, since Javascript is at the heart of modern web development. We dive into many frameworks as well, including Node. We focus on mastering the fundamentals before moving onto the more advanced classes.

SFCC students. We are ArganoUV!

How does it fit with the culture of ArganoUV?

  • United Virtualities. We are UV!

    We cultivate a culture of learning, professionality, and transparency.

    Founded in 2009 in New York by three digital data nerds, today ArganoUV now has over 100 awesome employees in four offices across the globe. We learn and strengthen from each project, knowing that education is a fuel for growth. That’s why UV UniVersity teaches and inspires the developers of today and tomorrow.

SFCC students. We are ArganoUV!

Who is eligible and can I apply?

  • United Virtualities. We are UV!

    Anyone interested and eager who lives in Mexico.

    The UV UniVersity is currently situated only in Mexico, but ArganoUV has plans to expand it to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and, if all goes according to plan, all across Latin America.

SFCC students. We are ArganoUV!

How much does it cost?

  • United Virtualities. We are UV!

    It’s free, unlike most “bootcamps.”

    There is no cost to enrolling. That’s right! Instead of paying bootcamp prices, all students are paid full-time salaries for three months. We pay you to learn. That’s how important the learning process is for us. And if things go well and you graduate, you’ll be offered a job here at ArganoUV.

SFCC students. We are ArganoUV!

Where is it located?

  • United Virtualities. We are UV!

    Away from the big cities.

    Our office is located far from the megalopolis of Mexico City. We intentionally chose a smaller area to contribute jobs and opportunities to the local economy, where ArganoUV now has a large presence. We support people locally, to help them to grow in their own city.

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