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United Virtualities Joins the Digital Renaissance with Argano, and Transforms into ArganoUV

United Virtualities Joins the Digital Renaissance with Argano, and Transforms into ArganoUV

3… 2… 1… Booster ignition… and liftoff!

Today is the launch of an ambitious project to construct the next generation of digital operating platforms (DOPs) that will integrate all the tools to provide the fuel and liquid oxygen to accelerate businesses into the stratosphere.

Today, United Virtualities (a leader in building ecommerce & digital solutions for the world’s leading brands and ambitious startups) officially joins Argano, joining two other high-flying digital solution partners, Keste (an award-winning B2B digital and development company) and interRel (an Oracle Platinum Partner & Cloud Select Partner dedicated to enterprise performance management & business analytics.)

With the marriage of our unique solutions – and like traditional marriages – all three partners have taken the name of its closest companion:

What is Argano?

Confronted by a world of ever-increasing complexity and speed, Argano is the overarching brand that covers a portfolio of broad digital services and products that can be bundled together, or stacked in intricate configurations, to solve today’s needs for leading brands.

Higher demands for personalization, mass-customization, elevated digital experiences, and friction-free payment – all are siren calls for fresh innovation. Doses of creativity. A new round of renovation. A digital renaissance.

United Virtualities Joins the Digital Renaissance with Argano, and Transforms into ArganoUVArgano is the next generation provider of business and technology services that architects and builds intelligent digital operating platforms – all helping to accelerate the improvement of business.

The digital revolution around us echoes of the intense social and commercial upheavals of the 15th-century Renaissance.

With the acceleration of technological explosions and following reverberations, the power and reach of digital is forever increasing, changing the way we live, how we sell and how we consume, to reach greater heights.

Argano was the name given to the purpose-built hoist that elevated the gothic dome on Florence’s Duomo di Firenze, an unthinkable feat in the 15th century. Today, Argano elevates businesses with the latest best-in-class tools and architectural planning.

Argano is a broad house that brings together some of the world’s best service providers that are elites in their own space, yet can be connected to power the more complex enterprise solutions.

With connecters across B2C, B2B, and accounting and finance – and many more to come, not to mention world-class platforms like Salesforce and Oracle – Argano is home to a large talent base that stretches across continents, languages, and expertise. Meaning the multiple and multiplying needs of 21st century business – whether it be large-scale reinvention or minor interconnected tweaks – are met thanks to the technological collaboration within Argano.

When a customer comes to us needing to replatform, renovate, or rebuild, Argano can collectivize all relevant resources and tools from all of its partners, to ensure that each business project is built with the best tools available, and provided first-class service.

It is precisely Argano’s broad range of services and solutions that make it rise above other platforms; specialists in separate areas yet complimenting each other. Smart and integrated solutions to elevate digital experiences.

To squeeze it into a sentence, Argano is purpose-built, and was created by bringing together world-class firms that enable businesses to transform their operations by combining unique

capability in the technologies that are the foundation of digital operating platforms, with an unmatched perspective on what is required to solve critical business and operational issues.

What is ArganoUV’s role in Argano?

ArganoUV is the B2C ecommerce and digital experience wing of Argano.

ArganoUV provides exactly what we did before; through our expertise and agile approach we architect elevated ecommerce and digital solutions, using the best-in-class technology.

Our current digital powertools include:

1. Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)

A purpose-built leader in running high-volume, name-brand retail stores online. With broad ranging capabilities from multivariate and A/B testing to complex integrations and being fully integrated into marketing for ecommerce campaigns – all backed up by a universe of extensions.

2. SFCC and Salesforce Order Management Integrations

The leading ecommerce platform is part of the wider Salesforce ecosystem, that also includes its native order management system, Salesforce Order Management, whose robust capabilities include artificial intelligence, cloud-based architecture, personalizable interfaces, and comprehensive support for languages, currencies, and regional tax regulations.

3. Adobe Experience Manager

The digital experience manager holds muscular attributes such as smart templates, a centralized asset management, reusable content, its scalability… all focused around the customer experience and its capabilities to personalize content.

4. Contentful

A cloud-native headless content management system, Contentful excels at providing a first-class UX for content creators, strong request verification, the ability to carry out A/B testing, and easily buildable content types for non-devs.

These are our heavyweight digital solutions. We also hold broad expertise in most other digital platforms, too, such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify. You can check out our full stack on our tech shelf.

Are we still UVers?

For those of us who work at ArganoUV – of which there is more than 100, spread out across 3 continents and 13 countries – we’ve come to identify and refer to ourselves as UVers.

United Virtualities Joins the Digital Renaissance with Argano, and Transforms into ArganoUVAnd that’s not going to change. Once a UVer always a UVer!

But identity is complex and multilayered. If you could operate a global claw crane and pluck out a person at random, that person would hold multiple identities. She could be a mother, a daughter, a Floridian, ‘Merican! Ok, you get it.

And so following our partnership with Argano, our identity is clearly defined: we are UVers, and as part of our wider union, we are also Arganauts.

Orange is the new black

As part of our Argano partnership we have decided to give ourselves a digital renovation and fresh lick of paint for our website.

Whether you’re a regular reader of our daily coverage on our blog of all things digital – from the latest news in tech to analyses of platforms and solutions – or casually pass by our site when doing your own research, you may have noticed that we had a black and yellow theme that ran right the way through our entire site.

The next time you pass by our site, you’ll now notice that our home has a lighter ambiance with punctuations of orange.

We felt it time for a change of scenery. The colors of an environment that evoke the revolutionary and creative forces of the last Renaissance that simmered in 15th-century Florence.

The colors that can tap into our unspoken connections to places and feelings; to build the background and set the broader scene of the fresh revolutionary environment in which we have arrived.

After all, we are ArganoUV, and we are fulfilling the promise of the Digital Renaissance for all.

So what do some of our Arganauts think of where we’re heading?

“I’m excited to discover the new spectrum of possibilities that will come from joining the platform. It’s a great opportunity to continue developing our skills and expanding our horizons as we create synergies with our new sister companies. Looking forward to this new challenge!”

– Mariana Lopez La Rosa, Production Director

“I’m excited to be part of the team in charge of bringing the future closer to today.”

– Ximena Cadena, software developer

“I’m so happy because I think of the new challenges that are to come, and what that means for even more growth.”

– Gaby Uribe, Human Resources 

“Joining Argano for me is a step forward to the next phase, achieving more and better based on UV’s legacy. I feel that the UV culture will be preserved and I’m hopeful that this fusion can guide us to amazing projects, meeting amazing people, and also learning and using knowledge for healthy and  sustainable projects. I am excited to see Argano’s impact.”

– Cassio Lacerda, SFCC Architect

“I expect this will open up a wealth of opportunities for both us and all of our clients. I’m excited about this next step forward.”

– Leandro Ferreira, Senior Tech Lead

“I’m excited about the new opportunities and both personal and professional development, because we can all improve and learn new skills, with the right guidance, support, and teamwork.”

– Liliana Orozco, Controller 

“Change is a constant that gives us the opportunity to grow and develop – both as an individual and as a team. I’m excited about this opportunity and to see where it takes us… the amazing things that await our discovery; the new paths that are unraveling.”

– Agustina Alvarez, Graphic Designer & Marketing Assistant

“I wish this new union to be both fun and inspiring, and that we all achieve new goals and even more success!”

– Roxana Real, Operations Associate

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