The ArganoUV Salesforce Commerce Cloud BootUP

We were challenged with figuring out how to get a Salesforce Commerce Cloud installation up and running within four weeks. Here’s how we answered that call to BootUP quick!

A Supercharged Focus


We thrive on a challenge; demand stretches our creativity.

If speed is a high priority, then why endure a marathon when a sprint is all you need?

We took hold of that challenge and ran with it. We said: Let’s BootUP, collect our tools, and retreat to our metaphorical log cabin built for supercharged focus.

To set up a Salesforce Commerce Cloud installation within 4 weeks meant forgoing the longer roads to success and forging our own pathway to get things done faster, while maintaining our same level of standards.

Here’s the roadmap we used to complete that challenge, quick!


The four-week plan.

In just four weeks we’ll go from defining requirements, finalizing design and creative, and building out your platform with integration to testing and confirming end-to-end flows and popping open the champagne to celebrate the launch of your new storefront!

The UV Salesforce Commerce Cloud BootUP

Week 1

Stand-up environments
The UV Salesforce Commerce Cloud BootUP

Week 2

Begin testing
The UV Salesforce Commerce Cloud BootUP

Week 3

Client training
The UV Salesforce Commerce Cloud BootUP

Week 4

Site launch: Pop open the champagne & start selling!

Who is The SFCC BootUP For?

For clients without existing online storefronts, or who require specific replatforming needs, such as offline SOPs. All ArganoUV needs to hit the ground running is your normalized product list, including name and logo, product images, and branding guidelines (such as colors, typography).

What does The SFCC BootUP include?

In as little as 4 weeks you get:

  • Basic SEO & analytics support.
  • Integration support for payment, including credit card support with a third party gateway.
  • Integration support for OMS/ERP, with order push support with a third party platform that supports a native SFCC format.
  • …and your store up and running!

Why use The SFCC BootUP?

The digital landscape is forever shifting; technological innovations mean that you cannot remain in the same place. Building your business and boosting your brand has never been so time sensitive. We suppress time; we BootUP; we shift gears; and launch your site in record time.

Using SFCC BootUP including a package of user and administration flows for a smooth start-up, client training that provides usage docs, as well as access to online screen-share conferences for top-class assistance. Oh… and we also work at flexible and competitive rates.

Want to learn more? Let’s talk!

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