Data Engineering & Data Science

Through Data Engineering, UV solves the collection, normalization, automatization and processing of large data sets to create data lakes that will be utilized by our Data Scientists to provide actionable business intelligence through dashboards, analytics and machine learning solutions.

Data Engineering.

Increase both the operational efficiency and revenue generation of your company by implementing data solutions into your existing systems seamlessly.

  • Data lakes.

    We bring disparate data sources together by architecting solutions through data collection, processing, cleansing and normalization.

  • Cloud integration .

    We’ll get you connected. Regardless of on-premise, cloud or hybrid, we’re experts at getting your data integrated to AWS or AZURE.

  • Automation.

    Once your existing data is fully accessible, we’ll automate the integration of your existing data sources to your data lakes.

  • Real time data processing.

    Get near-instantaneous output by short time period execution of data. Thanks to a continuous stream of data you’ll get continuous insights.

Data Science.

UV addresses the challenges of collecting, storing and processing ever-growing volumes of data on an industry scale to help you go from data to insights.

  • Machine learning.

    We apply AI and machine learning to everyday business process through model development and predictive analysis.

  • Analytics.

    We understand what your business objectives are and analyze the available data stream and find how it could be used to inform the business and find solutions.

  • Visualization.

    Strategic dashboards are created for your team to have the daily visual pulse on the metrics that matter.

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