Announcing the latest ArganoUV Plugin, Count Covid.

We know that times are tough. That the daily norms we took for granted have come to a temporary halt. And that keeping up with the latest news and information about the COVID-19 pandemic can be exhausting.

Here at ArganoUV, we love building ourselves and are always looking to create simple and streamlined solutions. In such a turbulent time, and among the cacophony of conflicting information, we have created CoCo, short for the Covid-19 Counter, a Google Chrome extension that not only gives you simple stats but also calm and reassuring resources to tap into.

CoCo provides you with real-time figures related to the ongoing pandemic: the number of confirmed cases, the number of those who have recovered, and unfortunately the number of those who have died. CoCo breaks the figures down by country, so that you’ll be able to easily capture the stats of any country by simply scrolling and selecting the country of choice.

CoCo also serves to reassure: it provides you with general advice on how to take care of yourself and those around you.

Then there is the Mood Boost function that can channel your current mood into productive and meaningful solutions. Feeling down? CoCo will point you towards places that will perk you up. Feeling annoyed, CoCo will give you resources where you can use that fire for fuel.

The second best part about the plugin, beyond supporting the world in this time of need, is that it was developed by a young developer on our team, Mark Montes, as part of his education and training. Congrats, above all, to you, Mark!

And finally. Let’s give a hand to those that brought CoCo into the world: Mark Montes (the lead developer), Agustina Alvarez (the lead designer), and finally JJ Segado (whose role is still unclear) and Morgan and James just watched from the distance.

If you have any questions or want to know more, email us at

And to quote Frederich Nietzsche, life without music would be a mistake. Here are the songs that inspired us:

🎵 Mark’s listened to the Eye of the Tiger

🎵 Agustina listened to Lizzo’s “Good as Hell” 

🎵 James listened to Oasis’ “Gas Panic” 

🎵 JJ listened to Los Antiguos’ “La Nassa”

Morgan spent less time on this than the other BTWi initiatives, so he didn’t even have time to turn on his playlist. Life without music is a mistake, indeed.

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