There may be other fish in the sea, but none like Mowi.

Transparency. Traceability. Authenticity. These aren’t just words to the world’s leading seafood company and largest producer of Atlantic salmon —  fulfilling one fifth of global demand annually. Known previously as Marine Harvest, the company changed their name to Mowi at the beginning of the year, calling for a corporate rebranding launch strategy that would transmit their tradition, innovation, and commitment to sustainability to both customers and shareholders alike.

Mowi Salmon, one of UV’s clients.Success Case, ArganoUV’s clients.

  • Showcase a recommitment to core values

As the world’s leading producer of nutritious, delicious and supreme-quality seafood, it was important to Mowi to demonstrate that they were serious about upholding the highest standards of sustainability, giving their customers direct insight into the brand’s mission and process.

  • Bring the Mowi story to life

In order to transmit their fresh look and feel, Mowi needed an innovative, fully scale-able solution that would immediately connect with consumers, and effortlessly communicate the most important elements of their revamped identity.

Success Case, ArganoUV’s clients.

Mowi Salmon, one of UV’s clients.

New corporate and brand sites that reel consumers in and keep shareholders hooked.

From featuring their wide variety of products to highlighting profitability, the new websites enable Mowi to play up its unique value proposition while telling stories that engage audiences:


Mowi, one of ArganoUV’s clients.Mowi, one of UV’s clients.

We’re always looking for ways to demonstrate our client’s value and accelerate results. For Mowi, we implemented several thoughtful third party integrations to better enhance the content on the corporate site:

Mowi, one of UV’s clients.Mowi, one of UV’s clients.Mowi, one of UV’s clients.Every Mowi salmon has its own story — and consumers want to know it. With the brand new Traceability Tool, consumers can actually go on the journey with their selected product from origin to market. The tool leverages the concept of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), that is, the ever-expanding relationship between the Internet and the physical world.  To make Mowi’s story tangible, we connected the existing database of Mowi Salmon with their actual physical product in the store.

Mowi, one of ArganoUV’s clients.Mowi, one of ArganoUV’s clients.Mowi, one of ArganoUV’s clients.Mowi, one of ArganoUV’s clients.

When it comes to product-consumer connection, you’d be hard-pressed to find one more personal than food. With the new landing page and mobile tools, Mowi takes this connection to another level through the power of narrative storytelling, bringing the product to life and building consumer trust in the process.

Mowi, one of ArganoUV’s clients.


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