Global Clinical Supplies Group

    A single “source of truth” to streamline operations and the necessary tools to tap into new revenue.

    A single “source of truth” to streamline operations and the necessary tools to tap into new revenue.

    Support event organizers and enhance attendee experience in the process.

    An international organization dedicated to influencing the pharmaceutical and biotech industries via communal sharing of knowledge and best practices, Global Clinical Supplies Group first came to United Virtualities in 2014. Initially seeking a mobile event app solution to disseminate conference information, collect attendee information and share feedback, it became clear over time that the organization was in need of a multi-layered approach to simplify data and operational management, while offering attendees a top-of-the-line user experience for increased engagement and attendance.

    After evaluating existing pain points and discussing opportunities for growth, United Virtualities provided a 6-part, custom solution that consolidates information, facilitates management, and provides new avenues to increased revenue.

    In response to the initial ask, we built a mobile app that collects user data and keeps attendees engaged and connected throughout conferences. Leveraging features such as  data caching, offline functionality, push notifications, and automatic data syncs, the app provides attendees with real-time information about sessions, speakers, breaks, entertainment events, and more.

    Push notifications throughout the conference keep attendees up to speed and in the loop, while Live Polls make sessions more interactive, allowing attendees to vote during sessions whenever prompted.  Finally, the mobile app supports feedback submissions that enter attendees into a daily raffle, both driving engagement and collecting critical data for future event improvement.

    Leveraging an application programming interface (API), we connected the mobile app to the website’s database to automatically pull its contents. Any changes applied in the administrator panel are then updated on the app in real time. To support a higher amount of simultaneous server hits from the app, we extended the core WP REST API.


    We streamlined and simplified third party platform management by creating a custom system in which users can manage the following platforms from the GCSG admin panel:

    To support agile development, we use 3 different environments — Production, UAT, and QA — that are isolated from each other and don’t share any resources.

    This is part of our standard framework. QA is where we perform our internal testing before presenting our progress to our client. Features that pass QA get pushed to UAT, an environment that acts as a copy of the live site, where our client will perform their testing to provide feedback before publishing changes. The difference with QA is that the database and contents are usually a copy of the public website. This provides the client with a very similar experience to what they will see once we go live.

    Once UAT is completed and approved, the updates are deployed to the production environment, where the published website is live.

    Another element of our standard framework is the use of continuous delivery and continuous integration tools. In composite with the repository, we set up a process with Jenkins. Each Jenkins job listens for new pushes on particular repository branches.  Whenever a new code push occurs, it automatically triggers the deployment of the new code to the specific environment.

    Modernized event management that boosts engagement…

    ….and the bottom line.

    This entirely new, digital ecosystem modernizes the conference experience, boosting excitement and fueling increased attendance. By streamlining the event management process, and providing data-based insight into event engagement and attendance, GCSG has seen their operational efficiency increased.

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