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Please use this form if you're from UV or Argano, and you want an email or announcement to be sent to everyone at ArganoUV. If you don't, please go away.
  • Argano Internal Comms Email Requests

  • So we know who is making this request.
  • In case we need to contact you (and so we can collate any other materials you send us.)
  • So we can make sure the relevant team reviews it.
  • If we need to call in people after-hours or on a weekend, or ask people to drop mega-urgent other high-priority work they're already doing to do this, or do this the same-day it's requested... then we need to first make sure that this is sent out in time, we need to verify 100% that the email can not be sent out on a more reasonable time-frame. You giving us some context will help.
  • It's perfectly fine, if you don't have a particular date. No worries on an exact target and no need to invent one if you don't want to.
    Date Format: YYYY dash MM dash DD
  • Sometimes, various activities are coordinated, so that an announcement needs to be sent on a specific date. Other times, it's more an approximation or a final deadline.
  • Our process usually takes about two business days to complete (since it involves multiple rounds of editing, checking, confirmations, sign-off-s, and so forth; plus everyone is busy.)
  • So we can make sure we don't miss any associated materials, outside of this form.
  • To make sure we don't miss it.
  • ...unless you sent the text in a separate email to us. Note that this is separate from the instructions (that's another question); this is just for the pure text to be put into the email.
  • Please include any instructions regarding this file in the "Instructions" question in this form.
    Drop files here or
  • ...unless you sent the instructions in a separate email to us.
  • Or was it already copy-edited on your side?
  • In case you want to review it first.
  • Suggestion: the more important it is, the more we'd recommend this!

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