Art plus software, when married–while guided by a capable and focused, world-class team–leads to magic happening… and to very, very happy clients. Even when they’re the most demanding clients in the world.


The thinking.

  • Discovery


    The goal of this phase is to extract as much pertinent information as possible.

    We start with learning more about your business, your challenges and your goals.

  • Analysis


    Our initial thoughts on infrastructure, recommendations and target results.

    As we start to learn and absorb the information, we begin to analyze it all. Before jumping in to the smallest details, we need to get comfortable with the big, and very big, picture, and use that to come up with a starting approach.

  • Solution


    This will outline clearly what the path to implementation will be.

    The big concepts need to then be embodied into a specific plan; strategy must give way to tactics. This is the goal of the second phase. Often, the two are hard to separate because we iteratively work through strategy and tactics together, since the low-level analyses give us insights that help refine the high-level analyses.


The doing.

  • Planning


    This is our agile roadmapping model.

    We begin our execution by planning a detailed strategy, taking the context into account, and knowing full well that “no battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”

  • Production


    Our agile process blends integrates the different components and teams together.

    Once we have our plan, we begin to implement against it, while always keeping our eyes both on the little details and on the big picture.

  • Delivery


    Your solution is fully in place.

    Through our iterative process and roadmapping model, we deliver fast and often. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

We have your back.

We are there during the whole process. With our global team of experts there’s nothing we can’t tackle. Even magical thinking, we can sometimes make happen… it’s been rumored.

Let’s get started.

Tell us about your project and we’ll plan the best strategy for it.

Our roadmapping model.

You know where to go, but you need a guide to get there.

Don’t worry, we’ll draw you a map.


2 weeks
Task management • Day-to-day visibility • Agile sprint start & ends • Low level execution.


1 Month
Prior month plan vs results • Next month plan • Big-picture calibration • Accountability transparency.

Milestones Phases

3 months
Project plan • Agile methodology • Production focus • Actionable.

Big-picture thinking

6-18 months
Quarterly workshops • Business Operations • Technical UX • Creative Feature Ideas.

The more you merge Art and Software The more you can make your business objectives happen.

It’s about defining the best strategies and right solutions first… and then executing them vehemently.

Successful results

Mowi Salmon

Mowi is the world’s leading seafood company and largest producer of Atlantic salmon — fulfilling one-fifth of global demand annually.

Global Clinical Supplies Group

GCSG is the biggest forum for open discussion to share knowledge and industry best practices for clinical supply and related professionals.

The Executive Centre

TEC has 25 years of crafting high-end working environments that foster success and connect ambitious professionals and industry leaders throughout the APAC region.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HPE is a multinational information technology company with two divisions: Enterprise, which works in servers, storage, networking and consulting, and Financial Services.

Our ideas

Our latest thinking on the issues that matter most in the digital industry.

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